Variety is the Spice of Life

We’ve been involved in boating and marine related activities for as long as we can remember; as participants and observers, investors, supporters, consultants, and most especially, participants (are we being redundant?).  We know there are many outlets for our time and money, but we have chosen boating.

This weekend is a spectacular weekend for sports fans of all kinds – participants, observers, etc.  It’s Father’s Day weekend, and our home state of Florida, in its infinite wisdom, has seen fit to offer a “holiday” on fishing licenses for the weekend.  If that isn’t an invitation to enjoy the water here and catch a bunch I don’t know what is!

Then, the GT300 Catamaran Race is ongoing in Texas.  Holy cow!  The coverage on their site and on other sites (Sailing Anarchy springs to mind) is amazing.  Darned near every local sailing club has sailboat racing, many fishing clubs have some kind of father-offspring kind of tournament, and lots of waterfront restaurants have Father’s Day specials.  Goodness knows, every sandbar that comes dry at low tide will be packed!  If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’ll be involved in something like this!

The fun part of what we do is that not everybody does it.  There’s a golf tournament on TV this weekend broadcast from the Washington DC area (the US Open), the first matches of what is considered the penultimate tennis tournament start Monday, and there are countless more activities going on that vie for our limited leisure hours.  Oh, if we could make it easier for them to enjoy ours!

We prefer to participate, tho we enjoy seeing the very best of the best do what they do.  We’ll be out on the water this weekend, and trust many readers will be too.  Yep, the idea behind BoaterRated gives us more confidence that our equipment is up to the task, in that we can rely on reviews of fellow boaters to tell us where to go and who to see to get that confidence – whether we do it ourselves or have somebody do it for us.  We hear the mahi are biting out there!

What have you heard, and however you enjoy this weekend, we wish you a very happy Father’s Day!


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