Wednesday Wednesday…..

Can we trust this day???

OK, all kidding aside, I help run an every-other-week small sailboat regatta series at our local community sailing center.  There are lots of yacht and sailing clubs all over the country that have Wednesday night sailing, some on Tuesday, some on Thursday, some on a couple, some every night of the week.  We muster one every other week, and it’s our first season doing so.

I just moved to this area last September and, having some experience and enjoyment in helping to run sailboat races, volunteered at the local venue to help out.  Any and all volunteer help is welcome, I was told, so I dove in.  We had a busy winter season hosting a bunch of junior regattas and offering sailing lessons and all, but come summer, there was nothing going on in the still-light evening hours for the adults among us (even if they’re only adult in age!).  So I asked the executive director and he thought it was a good idea, but is there going to be interest in both participating and in managing the thing?

Who knows? Only one way to find out, and it doesn’t cost a whole lot!  So I committed to running it thru the spring (last nite is tonite) and we’ll see how it goes. (So good so far, as it turns out.  Participation is up every time, and we’re planning the summer series after racing tonite!)

My motivation in becoming involved in this was because 1) I really enjoy running a decent race.  It’s a thankless job when it’s done right (well, not completely…), but man, if something goes wrong you hear about it quite vocally!  and 2) an awful lot of folks put forth a great deal of effort in bringing the local sailing center to life – as happens in communities all over – and it’s something of a shame to see it sit idle while there’s perfectly good sailing weather out there to help those of us with day jobs break up the week.  So in an effort to find an avenue to share the labors of others we offer a weeknight sailboat race every other week.

Our center has a facebook page, is listed on BoaterRated (newly so, still looking for reviews!), and I’m sure there are some boating facilities in your neighborhood that would enjoy the increased exposure of activity that is not in what might be considered the normal course of events.  Chances are that there’s something already going on out there, why not give it a go and see if they could benefit from your review of the activity on!  Let’s have fun on the water!!!!


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