Weekend Update

We had quite the exciting weekend here at BoaterRated Central.  As has been written here and elsewhere, we participated in the Vero Beach Nautical Flea Market and Seafood Festival and Oldies Music Revival and a whole bunch of other things all at the Indian River Fairgrounds.  We met some friends of BoaterRated.com face to face, which is always nice.  A heckuva thunderstorm threatened on Saturday and it rained early Sunday morning, adding a good amount of humidity to the Florida heat.  All the exhibitors I spoke with lost at least as much water weight as we did!

But we learned a lot from the people we spoke with.  From the patrons of the show, we learned how better to relate what it is we do, and that is to provide an objective review site of boating businesses where boaters can go to find out about boating services available in their area, and where boating business customers can spread the word about the great service (or not!) they’ve received.

From our fellow exhibitors at the event, we learned that there is a need for this kind of service to be organized and easily available.  We’re striving to do that now, with efforts afoot to generate better hits on web searches for those businesses that choose to use BoaterRated.com.  We’re also preparing a new feature we call the BoaterRated Partner Business program.  There will be some services offered to those businesses that enroll in the program, so be on the lookout for that soon.

We’re sifting thru our contest winners now, we’ll have announcements here and on our Facebook page too.  If you haven’t stopped by here, there, or our Site, please do and come join the conversations on the Virtual Dockside!


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