Don’t Trust Your Boat to a Stranger

So, how did your boat run this summer? Hopefully that’s not a delicate question. Did it work flawlessly, with run-of-the-mill minor boat hiccups? Or did your boat cause you lots of problems that ended up reducing your overall hours of enjoyment on the water? If your boat worked great, chances are that you’re either capable of maintaining all of your boat’s systems yourself, or you have some trusted local marine service providers. Today’s boat and propulsion technologies are pretty complex, so more and more of us rely on paid help to keep our boats in top-notch condition.

Finding reliable boating businesses that you can trust to service your boat is what is all about. Non-boaters would have a hard time fathoming just how important our boats are to our happiness. When was the last time you had your boat filled with gear, family, and friends, only to get stuck at the dock when the engine refused to start? What about the time your onboard GPS stopped working? Or the time, for the sailors out there, that your new sails just didn’t get you the results you wanted, or the roller furling system you just had installed stopped working when the wind picked up?

Our boats are important to us, because being out on the water is when we feel most alive, and we need them to work. Our boats are even more important to us, because our safety often depends on the reliability of our boat’s systems.

It takes a few minutes to write a review on If the business you want to review isn’t listed, it takes only a few more minutes to add it first and write the review. But the experiences you share with other boaters, positive and negative, are invaluable to the other boating members of our “Virtual Dockside.” Our boats are expensive assets. Nobody should have to trust their boat to a stranger. Please share the experiences you’ve had with local boat repair shops, boat dealers, marine electronics providers, sail makers, yacht surveyors, and every marine service imaginable.  Your reviews help other boaters find marine businesses that they can trust, so that nobody has to put the boat they love in the hands of a stranger.


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