Happy December!

Where DOES the time go?!  Can you believe it’s almost 2012?  Seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the turn of the century!  I trust everybody had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends!

We’re done with Hurricane Season, thank goodness.  Of course, there’s still something out there that has the forecaster’s eye, but they have MUCH better eyes than they used to so they might as well use them!  Most of you, I’m sure, are putting the finishing touches on the winterization process.  And not a moment too soon!

We’re running around here at sleepy BoaterRated Central preparing for the upcoming month.  We’re starting this weekend with a sailboat regatta at the US Sailing Center of Martin County we’re helping to manage for some 132 juniors, followed next weekend with a giant Laser regatta, followed right after Christmas with some team racing and such.  I’ll worry about January then!

I just got some lights hung on the front eave outside, so we look quite festive here.  I tried to save a string for the boat, but they were looking good on  the house so I kept going!  Off to the store for another set or two, I suppose!

We’re working on yet more improvements to the Virtual Dockside as well.  New businesses are being added every day, all looking for reviewers to tell about their services.  Hop on, sign in, and tell everybody how it went for you!

It’s a gorgeous day here, I hope it’s lovely where you are too.  Now, where did those reindeer go………


2 responses to “Happy December!

  1. Snowy and cold in Colorado, We could work on Sundown pieces and parts in the garage (e.g., polish bronze, paint seat compartment covers, etc.), but have been busy with too much work (healthylarimer.org) and knitting Christmas gifts in my spare time. We’ll get back to boat work after the holidays. Send some warmth our way!

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