Gift idea for boating elves

While the holidays might be the most wonderful time of the year (thanks Andy!), sometimes they can seem more hassle than they’re worth.  Here at sleepy Boaterrated Central, not only do we have our friends and loved ones to consider (don’t our kids kind of have Christmas pretty much every day???), but the inevitable pleas from the newspaper delivery guy, the dry cleaner guy, the checkout folks at the grocery store pitching various charities, and on and on, can get old.  While they’re all deserving, and for the most part are happiest with a couple of bucks in an envelope, these days it’s pretty easy to run out of patience when asked for yet a couple more bucks.

So what can you do for somebody that’s been there for you all year, offering great service to help you stay out on the water doing the thing you love doing?  A gift that doesn’t cost anybody anything??  How about, write them a review on!  It doesn’t cost anybody anything, really takes very little time, and has the potential for your favorite elves to derive pleasure (and more business?) from your thoughtful gesture throughout the year!

Log on to BoaterRated today and review your guys.  If they’re not listed, list ’em!  Let them know you added them and a review to BoaterRated and they’ll thank you all year long!


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