Another Boater / Provider Resolution?

Once again, the power of word-of-keyboard exhibits itself!

A boater was somewhat dissatisfied with the service he had received and did what we hope becomes the natural thing, he wanted to tell other boaters about the provider’s shortcomings on  As we’re promoting our BoaterRated Partner Business Program, we decided that first we’d ask the reviewer if it was ok for us to offer the provider one of the benefits of the Program, the ability for the provider to correct the situation that caused the poor review prior to the review going live.  The reviewer agreed to a seven day window (instead of the automatic 14 day window), so we contacted the provider and told him what was going on and what his options were.

This badge is displayed by businesses that focus on Customer Service!

Now, this provider was not enrolled in the Partner Business Program (yet!), in fact had not even claimed his business on BoaterRated.  I’m not sure who did list it, it could have been the reviewer, it could have been somebody else, it could have even been one of us.  Anybody can list a business on BoaterRated, however only the owner or a representative can claim it and receive any of the benefits that BoaterRated provides.

But we called him anyway, and he went into some detail of the circumstances of the issue.  We described how we could help him work out the miscommunication with the customer, but we can’t do it directly – it’s HIS customer!  BoaterRated provides the ability to converse, but can’t take part in the conversation directly.  Now, if he claimed his business he could have responded to the review on BoaterRated, and if he was enrolled in the Partner Buainess Program he could respond to the customer directly (should the customer allow) prior to the review being posted for all to see.  So we offered the Partner Business benefit to the business and customer to help them out.

As it happened, the provider didn’t want anything negative floating around on the internet, so he contacted the customer. They seem to have worked out whatever misunderstanding there was, and the customer emailed us to pull the review.  Our hope is that the customer ends up being satisfied (the weather apparently has not been conducive to a sea trial to make sure) and posts a glowing review of the provider for all the world to see, and the provider enrolls in the Partner Business Program to show and enhance his commitment to customer satisfaction.

The lessons we take out of this episode start with the power of the internet to provide information, and the usefulness of a dedicated service to focus on particular areas of information, such as the Virtual Dockside provides to the boating community.  The value we see is in the customer’s ultimate satisfaction and the provider’s good reputation.  Needless to say, we all know customers who will never be satisfied no matter WHAT we do, and there are some providers who don’t have or deserve a good reputation.  But this is where the information focus comes in handy for those in our community.

We look forward to helping boaters get more satisfaction in their favorite recreational pastime, and by helping providers achieve and maintain the reputation they deserve.  Sign in to and participate on the Virtual Dockside with us!



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