Top 10 Boating Resolutions for 2012

This year, in order to minimize my boating faux pas, I hereby resolve NOT to:

10. Motor around with my fenders hanging over the side

9. Fail to retrieve the swim ladder before I power away happily from the sand bar or snorkeling hole, waving back cheerily as others scream and point

8. Pull out the grill, to the yells of hunger from the crew, only to find I’ve forgotten to check for gas or charcoal

7. Realize, after a distinctive snapping sound, that I should’ve lowered the radio antenna BEFORE going under the drawbridge

6. Rush off in the dinghy without checking for enough gas and/or a paddle

5. Scream with glee at the huge dolphin or tuna we’re gonna grill up for dinner, before actually landing him in our boat

4. Forget to bring along ice on those days when we really DO land dinner!

3. Yell at my crew during a docking maneuver, just to cover up my own screw ups!

2. Forget to check that the anchor is made fast to the anchor rode, and that some part of the rode is attached to the boat, before tossing the hook overboard

And my No. 1 resolution for 2012 is….. I hereby resolve NOT to:

1. Find the drain plug NEXT to the hole it’s supposed to be in, covered in many inches of water

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year from all of us at, to all our friends in the boating and sailing community!


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