New Boat Dreams – Rosborough RF-246

Rosborough RF-246 Sedan Cruiser at the Miami Boat Show 2012

The winter boat shows have given us plenty of opportunity to view lots of new boats and dream about owning one. Like most boating enthusiasts, we love shopping for boats and nothing offers an opportunity to scratch the boat shopping itch like a boat show. While we didn’t see any boats we didn’t like, there were several that got added to our wish list, both power and sail. We thought it’d be fun to share our wish list boats with you in individual blog posts. Full disclosure: we haven’t tried any of these boats out ourselves and we aren’t being rewarded in any way to write about them. Don’t take our enthusiastic description as an endorsement. We just like boats and wanted to share some of our favorites with you.

One of the powerboats on our wish list is the RF-246 by Rosborough Boats. Rosborough is a Canadian boat builder and the RF-246 is an enclosed cabin cruiser that seems like it’d be a terrific boat in almost any climate. What do we like so much about the RF-246? It’s a ton of boat that comes in a small, practical package. Can you imagine a boat with a 250 HP outboard engine that a couple could go cruising in for weeks at a time? Can you imagine a trailerable boat with a dry weight of 5400 pounds that a cruising couple could, yes, go cruising in comfortably for long stretches of time? We like practical, economical boats and the Rosborough RF-246 certainly fits that description.

We walked around the outside and the inside of the RF-246 Sedan Cruiser at the Miami Boat Show. The Sedan Cruiser has handholds all over the place on the outside, making it safe and easy to get around. It has a roomy and practical layout on the inside with all the creature comforts you’d need for a cruise in the islands. The boat we saw had the optional extended hard top over the exterior cockpit, offering plenty of shade for lounging and enjoying a beverage while watching the world go by. The lengthy options list also include air conditioning and shore power for even more of those creature comforts!

So we were imagining weekends when we’d hop into the boat and toodle over to the local sandbar using the gas-sipping 4-stroke 250 HP engine. We’d anchor at the sandbar, swim, snorkel, and relax. We’d cook up lunch in the galley or on a grill hanging off the transom. Once we’d had enough of the sandbar action, we’d find a quiet cove and anchor for the night. You can’t beat hot coffee, eggs and bacon in the morning while swinging on a hook! When we had a bit more time at our disposal we’d make a trip somewhere. Maybe down to the Keys or Florida’s west coast. We might even shoot over to the Bahamas and spend a week or so island hopping. Why not? The RF-246 has everything we need. It comes with a 120 gallon fuel tank and a 40 gallon water tank.

Another adventure scenario would be to trailer the boat up north, maybe to New England, and spend summer vacation exploring Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard. If the boat suddenly got too cramped, we could spend a night or two in a hotel.

This is a sharp looking boat with Down East appeal and, we’re told, the comfortable ride that implies. We like the fact that it’s trailerable, that it has everything a couple needs to camp out comfortably, and that it can be powered by one or two outboards. The base price for the Rosborough RF-246 runs about $90K without power.

We’ll share some of the other boats on our wish list with you in future posts. In the meantime, visit us on the Virtual Dockside, like our Facebook page, and share your experiences with YOUR local marine businesses by posting your reviews to


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