New Sailboat Dreams – Corsair Sprint 750

Corsair Sprint 750 on display at the Miami Boat Show by The Finish Line of Stuart, FL

Last week we started sharing the boats on our new boat wish list with you. We wrote about the Rosborough RF-246, a powerboat on our list. Another boat on our new boat wish list is a sailboat. Like the RF-246 one of the key features that attracts us to this boat is its practicality.

The Corsair Sprint 750 is a multihull that’s so practical, it actually folds up to fit on a trailer or to squeeze into a boatslip or lift without taking up any more space than a monohull. The outer floats on the boat are so easy to fold up and unfold that anybody can do it; no muscle required (we know; we tried). If the water at your dock gets pretty skinny at low tide, as ours does, the idea of a practical folding trimaran with almost no draft is pretty enticing.

What else do we like about the Sprint 750? This is a sailboat on steroids. It’s fast! You don’t need much breeze to get it sailing and when the wind picks up, the Sprint 750 flies, while offering a stabile but exhilarating ride.  The cockpit is huge. There’s plenty of room for family and friends. It’s equipped with the latest technology too, like a rotating aluminum wingmast and a retractable aluminum bowsprit. It generally comes with a main sail, jib, and screecher.

The layout on this sailboat is amazingly roomy for a 24-foot boat. With the floats out, this trimaran has nets all over the place, making you feel like you’re on your own private island. No need to hang out in that spacious cockpit if you don’t want to. You can lounge or snooze on one of hammock-like nets to port or starboard that reach all the way up the bow. There’s room for a couple to sleep inside the cabin, which also has space for a porta-potty (we said it was practical!). But with those comfy nets, chances are good that outdoor sleeping will beckon.

We’ve had an opportunity to walk through several of these boats at shows and on the dealer yard. Steve Marsh of The Finish Line, in Stuart Florida has been selling new and used Corsairs and other multihulls for many years. Steve is a great guy and he’s been offering to take us for a sail. We’ve resisted so far, knowing just how hard it’s going to be to walk away from a Sprint 750 once we’ve actually sailed in it! …. One of these days, though, we’re very likely to take him up on it.

We’ll keep sharing some of the boats on our wish list with you in future posts. In the meantime, visit us on the Virtual Dockside, on our Facebook page (where contests are starting up!), and share your experiences with local marine businesses by posting your reviews to And if you have a dream boat wish list of your own, please leave a comment and tell us about it!

Fair winds,

Amy & Carl


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