Introducing the new, welcoming look at

This week we rolled out a new “landing page” for, which is the first page people see when they type in our web address. The goal of this new look is to make it simple for visitors to quickly understand what the Virtual DocksideTM is all about – the place to go for information that can help them maintain and enhance their boats.. From this new page they’ll be able to jump to the sign in page, a set of tutorials designed to help them get started using the Virtual DocksideTM, or to the home page that we’re all used to. For you regular users of the site, you can bookmark the home page, or click straight through to it to see the latest boater reviews, boating events, and news from our blog.

Visit and check out the new landing page. We always appreciate hearing your feedback, so drop us a line or a comment and let us know what you think.

If you’ve got friends who are boaters, or who own or work for a marine business, help us spread the word about by sending them a link or by emailing them using the “Invite Friends” feature when you’re signed into the Virtual Dockside.

Just as many of you are working hard to get your boats ready for the 2012 boating season, we’re working hard to update and grow the marine business listings on the Virtual DocksideTM and to get the word out about our completely independent, unbiased platform for boater reviews. Stay tuned for more information about our progress in future blog posts. And, as always, happy boating and fair winds!


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