New Boat Dreams – OBX 32 Express

Port View of the OBX 32 Express

We saw many spectacular boats at the recent Palm Beach International Boat Show. One boat that caught our eye was the new OBX Boatworks 32 Express, which had its début at the show. The OBX Boatworks 32 Express is a boat designed for the serious offshore angler. But one of the boat’s most attractive features is the fact that it’s built for the whole family! We’ll get to that part in a bit. First, the angler-alluring facts:

We spoke with Brad Flater, President of OBX Boatworks in High Point, NC. He told us OBX works in conjunction with Outer Banks Boatworks of Harkers Island, NC to design and build boats for the serious offshore angler. The OBX 32 Express that we viewed at the PBIBS displayed the classic Carolina hull flare, solid construction, and fishability that you’d expect on a high end fishing boat out of North Carolina. The workmanship on the boat, as you can probably see from our photos, is top quality. There are so many eye-popping details that the boat seems as much a work of art as a reliable workhorse equipped to fulfill your fishing fantasies. Check out the detail of the console and the LED light column that pops up out of the rod holder in the cockpit coaming.

Surprisingly spacious and posh interior

What truly surprised us was the well appointed interior of the OBX 32 Express. Guys, if you’ve had trouble convincing the wife that part of the family savings ought to be invested in a fishing boat, show her the OBX 32 Express! Outboard power frees up a ton of interior space, and OBX uses it very well. If the need to accommodate the request for a galley, a head, and weekend living and sleeping quarters has you looking at a larger boat, or a family cruiser, or even (gasp!) a trawler or mini tug, by all means see this boat. Not only does the cabin contain all the basics, but the quality of the interior fixtures, counters, upholstery, and accessories is enough to melt the heart of the harshest fishing boat critic.

As we mentioned, the OBX 32 Express is at the high end of offshore fishing vessels in both quality and price. If you’re serious about fishing, want a boat that satisfies the needs of the whole family, and don’t mind investing in a boat that’s bound to hold its value, this 32 footer may fit the bill.

Quality workmanship, pleasing details

As with our other dream boat blog posts, we’re not being paid to write an endorsement of this boat. It’s one that caught our eye and we’re happy to share our impressions.

If you’ve found a boat, or a boating product, or a boating business that you’d like to share with fellow boating enthusiasts, we encourage you to write a review on the Virtual Dockside or leave us a comment on our blog or Facebook page. As always, we look forward to hearing from you!


2 responses to “New Boat Dreams – OBX 32 Express

  1. so so so envious right now….it would probably be cheaper for me to import this to australia then buy something similar here….oh well guess i will keep dreaming. Good blog by the way!

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