Happy Father’s Day!

While my dad has been gone for a while, he lives on in many forms. For some, he lives on as a seagull circling above, for others in their own ways. My older son (and I!) share his name, and there are many others among us who share his – and all fathers (dads?) – legacy. My kids woke me up this morning (!) with wishes for a Happy Father’s Day, and I’m gratified that – even tho all days are Dad’s Days (and Mom’s Days too!) – they took time out to say something today.

The older son was to share some of his day with me. Fortunately for him, he was called in to work a second shift at the last minute, as his recovery from his accident is going as smoothly as can be expected and he proves not to be expendable. I’ve experienced his handiwork and believe me, he’s got Food Network Star written all over him!

My younger one is off on a Semester at Sea voyage that will earn him credits toward his second minor when he graduates from college next Spring. While it looks like a heckuva trip and I would have loved to have written him a check for his participation, he scrambled to earn it himself, which will make the whole experience that much more valuable to him.

Yep, I’m proud of my kids. They’re not perfect, but boy oh boy am I proud. If Hallmark needs another reason to sell cards, a Children’s Day isn’t it – I’m proud to have fathered the wonderful individuals I am so very fortunate to call my sons.

Cheers, and I hope your day is even better!


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