What do YOU do on your boat?

I saw a photo album on Facebook (I shared it with BoaterRated FB friends, aren’t you one?) of a humongous raft-up in a river somewhere. Discover Boating, an organization formed to spread the good word, had posted it and it got me to thinking….

Thanks to Discover Boating for the picture!

There are an untold number of gatherings like this pretty much every weekend, weather permitting, somewhere near you. So I guess that a lot of folks would answer the title question by saying they use the boat for socializing.  We enjoy our trips to the sandbars oh so very much and do so as frequently as possible, but those trips aren’t the only reason we have a boat.

There are as many ways to use a boat as there are boats out there! Sailboat or powerboat is the biggest difference you can see – the serenity of traveling by wind power or the versatility of a powerboat that doesn’t depend on a good breeze? Then, of course, within those, the competitive aspect of racing (an Olympic sport, even!) or the laid-back aspect of cruising long distances? For a powerboater, do you find yourself pulling a skier/boarder/tuber or a spread of baits? Dashing to that favorite cove where you know the bass are or poling along the flats?

In most cases, tho, it all gets back to the social aspect of boating. You’re going to take a friend with you, or meet up with a friend at the sandbar, or (and likely the most fun!) make new friends no matter where you go or what you do. Especially since it’s on a boat!

We’d like to hear your stories, and certainly we invite you to join up on BoaterRated.com and share your experiences with the folks you do business with. Your friends, met and unmet, will appreciate your contributions!



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