Time to start thinking about preparing!

With the heat waves and droughts that are gripping large parts of the country, it’s sometimes difficult to remember that it won’t always be this way. Is it time to start breaking out the Egg Nog? Well, not quite, but perhaps it is indeed time to start thinking about what you want to do with your boat in a few short weeks.

NOT a Florida scene! Thanks to drstressor at fishsniffer.com for the photo.

There are hundreds of articles out there on things to do to winterize your boat, and soon the magazines will start recycling some.  Some in the northern climes prefer to do as we in the very far south do – continue to use the boat! OK, those are the hard-core types. Some, however, do continue waterborne sports in the colder months, but use different equipment, i.e. duck blinds for hunters, or various small frostbite classes for sailboat racing (which is what chased me to Florida in the first place!), but these folks do have to consider what to do with their summertime craft as well.

As you start to think about what went right or wrong with the service you received last season while winterizing your boat, take a moment to share your experiences with your fellow boaters on BoaterRated.com.  If you don’t find the provider that performed (or didn’t!) for you last year, don’t hesitate to add them – it’s a short and easy process.

The more that’s objectively written about various yards and service centers, the more valuable the resource is to your fellow boaters. We all know the conversations that go on at marinas and waterfront bars about service providers, share the information and the conversation to more of your boating friends on the Virtual Dockside!


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