Our Boater Challenge for 2013

Now that you’ve had a chance to transition into the New Year, we’ve got a BoaterRated challenge for you. We’re even eating our own dog food, as the saying goes. We’re taking up the challenge ourselves!

So what’s the challenge? Is it something tough like perfecting every docking maneuver, committing to use your boat at least 3000 hours this year, or starting a solo circumnavigation? Naah. Our 2013 boater challenge is easier, but it’ll be at least as rewarding!

So here goes: We challenge you to pick one thing on your boat that’s not quite right and …. Get It FIXED!

The tabs on the wind indicator are now fixed!

The tabs on the wind indicator are now fixed!

Has water been seeping into the bilge and you’re not sure where it’s coming from? Been having trouble with that old VHF radio? Is it time to replace the worn out cushions, or finally get the bimini top the spouse and kids have been asking for?

You know what’s been bugging you. We know it’s a boat, so there’s ALWAYS something. We challenge you to pick one itch, and scratch it. If you can fix it yourself, great. If you need some help, we encourage you to turn to a local marine service provider for help.  The boating industry is an important part of your local economy. When you take your business to a marine service provider, it’s a win-win situation. You (hopefully!) get professional help to improve your boat and you help out a local business!

In 2013 we at sleepy BoaterRated Central have several small boat projects underway – the list above didn’t come out of thin air! – and we’re doing our part to keep our local marine guys going. And the best thing of all is that getting something fixed on your boat results in a huge sense of satisfaction. The bilge is dry. Yay! The radio works every time. Yippee! The kids are comfy on the new cushions and loving the shade under the beautiful bimini. Hurrah!

We hope you’ll continue to turn to BoaterRated.com as a source to find the best marine businesses in your area, based on the objective reviews of fellow boaters. And do your fellow boaters a favor and spend a few minutes on BoaterRated.com to rate and review the marine businesses that you use. Your experiences are an invaluable resource for others who are trying to get that one little thing fixed too!


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