Catch the wave!

It’s chilly in most of the United States, and we have our spells of weather that’s not boating friendly too here in Florida. It’s boat show season around the country no matter what the weather, which keeps boating on our minds. One of the things that is a constant theme at the shows, in the magazines and newsletters we receive is the perennial question of growing the lifestyle. Marine businesses obviously want to see more boaters out there, and many existing boaters would like more of their friends to come play.

SkiersOne of the things we like most about the boating lifestyle is the overall friendliness of those out on the water. Granted, there are exceptions (a Sunday afternoon at a crowded boat ramp springs to mind!), but it’s difficult to get too thirsty or hungry at the weekend gatherings at the local sandbar – people will always share, there are social events planned by local marinas or clubs darned near every weekend, and if nothing else, people wave like crazy when passing each other. The innate togetherness of the boating community is unique to the lifestyle, and one that I think all the expansionist articles and features don’t touch on enough.

As provides a platform for boaters to share information about their experiences with marine businesses via reviews we have an interest in seeing boating grow too. As boaters ourselves, we get a huge satisfaction of the simple act of sharing a cold beverage with the boat next door who forgot to put the ice in the cooler. And especially out of the even simpler act of sharing a wave with a fellow boater passing by. We hope to share one with you soon!


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