BoaterRated’s Big Announcement!

Hi there!
Thanks for taking a look at today’s BoaterRated post, we’re pretty excited about the happenings!

You may already know the value of shared experiences with boating services, it’s much like shared experiences with, say, roofing contractors or pizza joints, except you usually share them on a dock somewhere. The BoaterRated review site is dedicated only to serving the boating community nationwide, so you don’t have to hang out at marinas to find good services! To help us spread the BoaterRated word even further, we are launching of our first-ever crowdfunding campaign! We think this popular online fund-raising model is a perfect way to help us raise awareness of We also think Indiegogo is the best fit for us.

Crowdfunding is a great way for us to raise the funding needed to further spread the word about the benefits of BoaterRated to the entire U.S. boating community. Anyone can participate in the campaign by contributing directly and/or by sharing our campaign with their friends and c  ontacts, be they avid boaters or just those who wish to support the boating community. You can access the Indiegogo campaign HERE, and anyone who contributes at the various levels available is offered a different “perk” at each one. As you know, the value of BoaterRated grows exponentially for everybody in the boating community as more boaters sign up and share their experiences by writing reviews. By obtaining contributions through the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, we can increase the community’s awareness of BoaterRated AND continue to offer the basic platform FREE of charge!


Again, thank you for your time and participation on BoaterRated’s Virtual Dockside™. Come visit the Indiegogo campaign for more information about it, and we look forward to growing the value of BoaterRated for the entire boating community!

Thanks again!
The Crew


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